Busy-ness Cards

I am fairly sure that the gnome who steals single socks out of my dryer has a cousin who has been stealing days out of my calendar. I am not sure where September went (or where any of my matching socks went), but much to my disbelief my calendar is suddenly telling me that the SCBWI Carolinas conference is in two days. I am sure that there are many other preparations that I have neglected, but my first realization was that I don’t have business cards. Not only do I not have business cards, but I don’t have time to order and print business cards nor very much money to put into them.

I was about to go with my standard resort (as you can see by my blog heading), cereal boxes. But I realized that, even if they would have been unique and ‘green,’ I would need to put a lot of love into my cereal box business cards if I wanted to avoid looking unprofessional and cheap. I did some research, and came across some really adorable and innovative home made business card ideas. If you are one of those people who realizes the need for such things as business cards well in advance, and you are willing to put in some effort to have a stand-out, unforgettable marketing tool, then you should totally check out these sites:

Smashing Magazine: Better than a Plain Ol’ Business Card

Oh My! Handmade Goodness: Creative Handmade Business Card Ideas

Some of the cards that impressed me the most were ones that were the most inspired by the line of business they were promoting, such as a hairdresser that included actual hairpins on the card, or a mechanical engineer whose card was a contraption of movable parts. I was so inspired that I decided to ditch my trusty cereal boxes and try making my own business card into a book. The cover will display my information, the first page will provide a “Once upon a time…” and will be followed by a slew of tiny blank pages before “The End.” It will all be done on plain printer paper tomorrow morning before I head off to work. I am looking forward to passing them out at the conference, where I hope that they will be filled with tiny stories that radiate with the energy and inspiration of so many great writers in one space. If you are headed to the conference, I look forward to meeting you, and I hope that one of the tiny stories will be yours!



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2 responses to “Busy-ness Cards

  1. Sounds cool. Did you get them made in time or did you run out?

  2. Haha, I totally made them on time… and then completely forgot to give any out.

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