Museum Musings

There aren’t many better places to find inspiration for a story than a museum. In an art museum, you can dive into the colorful landscape of another artist’s imagination. A natural history museum transports you to a time when the skyline was mammoths and giant sloths. At one of my favorite museums, COSI, you can take a dip in a submarine and crawl through an oversize digestive track.

There are some more unusual museums out there too. In South Korea, there is an entire museum dedicated to the side dish kimchi. In both Turkey and Missouri there are museums to showcase hair. Here is a list of ten bizarre museums from around the world:

Top Ten Weird Museums

This morning I found my inspiration in an empty museum.  I filled it with my own imagination, and then took my characters on a class field trip there.  If you were commissioned to build your own museum, one that had never been built before, what would you put in it?



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