Post PiBoIdMo Post

Woohoo!  I typed up my 30th picture book idea slightly before midnight on November 30th to become a PiBoIdMo champion.

See? I even got this winner's badge!

While I was tempted to take some time to recover from the brainstorming marathon and focus on the holidays, I decided that I should take advantage of my loose writing muscles, my stockpile of fresh ideas, and what is one of the most magical and inspiring times of year for me and for children.  I set two goals for myself for December, neither too rigid.

The first is to push up my sleeves and dig into one of my new ideas, to blow it up and cut it down and turn it inside out until I get to the heart of it.

The second is to step out of the holiday hustle, spend some time crunching through the hush of a new fallen snow, and drink plenty of peppermint cocoa.

I also wanted to share this post from Laura Renegar’s blog – it is one of my favorite holiday posts I’ve seen on a writer’s blog.  Enjoy!



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