Joining the Ranks

Two years after submitting my story of a Korean girl and her family visiting Jindo Island to watch the ‘parting of the sea’ phenomenon, my first publication is finally in print!  I spent the entire publishing process anticipating the moment that I would see my name and my words in Spider’s glossy print.

Opening the magazine to my story was wonderful, and Yoshiko Z. Jaeggi‘s beautiful illustrations were just what I had imagined.  But unexpectedly, the name I was most excited to see was not my own.  Newbery Award Winner Kate diCamillo wrote a moving short story that appeared in the same magazine as my own.  A poem by the prolific Michael Rosen shared a spread with my story, illustrated by one of my all time favorites, Quentin Blake.

Far more thrilling than finding my own name in print was discovering that I am sharing pages with some of the people who inspire me most.  Thank you, Spider, for allowing me to become a part of the spectacular web of children’s writers.

Check the March issue to find “The Day the Sea Split,” along with many other beautiful stories, poems, and illustrations.



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3 responses to “Joining the Ranks

  1. Axis

    BOOM! That’s awesome! I’ll look out for it!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Laura!!! I am so happy for you. You deserve to be rubbing elbows with the “greats.” So exciting! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Laura! Nothing like seeing something you wrote in print! Hope you go celebrate!

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