Mountain of Words Write-a-thon

If you care about supporting creative writing opportunities for youth and livelihoods of local writers or just need a push to sit down and write, please check out the Mountain of Words Write-a-thon!

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The Write-a-thon is like a walk-a-thon, but rather than walk, you get to sit in a chair and write as much as you can for two days: Feb. 28 and March 1.  No one will be keeping track of how much you write… it’s just  a personal push.  And if you happen to raise some money along the way, it will help Asheville Writers in the Schools to place writers like myself in teaching residencies in public schools.

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If you live in Western North Carolina, there are lots of opportunities to gather with local participants for some writing community and chances to meet some published writers.  But even from afar, you can participate and gain some writing solidarity in the Write-a-thon!



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3 responses to “Mountain of Words Write-a-thon

  1. Great idea Laura. The challenge will be making the time. I could use a few days of quiet and writing — and NO BLOGS.

  2. I’m with you – one of the hardest things about writing is finding the time and space to do it. It would be wonderful to have your camaraderie in this!

  3. P.S. – For anyone who doesn’t have the time to participate, but would like to support the cause of creative writing in education, we would gratefully welcome your donation here:
    Thank you!

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