Your Writing Forgives

I have not written a blog entry in a month in a half.  In fact, I have not written much at all in a month in a half.  But I have started an exciting new work opportunity, edited an inspiring book that my colleague wrote, painted two pictures (toward my New Year’s resolution), had a lovely visit from my sister, and learned to ride a bike on city streets for the first time.

Your writing understands that life gets busy.  Your writing is not a friend that will feel neglected and turn on you.  Instead, it cheers you on through your other exciting or necessary feats and eagerly anticipates spending time with you again.  When you are ready to reunite with your writing, don’t feel like you have to spend time coaxing forgiveness from your writing or, worse, like you can’t face your hurt friend and will have to find some new ones to keep you company.  Dive in fully present, like old friends who pick up right where they left off, and make up for that lost time.


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  1. Me too!!! Even though I’m submitting stuff each month to the critique group, I haven’t really written anything NEW in a while, lots of ideas though.

    And lots of homework and house remodeling… Amen, sister!!!

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