In the words of Doreen Cronin: “Clickety-Clack-Quack!”

The other day, I was typing in my backyard and I set my computer down for a second.  Our pet ducks quickly became curious, and within moments they discovered how to type with their beaks.  Here is what they wrote:

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, rounded with a little sleep.

Just kidding.  They’re no Shakespeares yet, but we’re working on it.  Here’s what they actually wrote:

-0tg .]b ‘/.,n[[+-+/*’  55
And here are our ducky writers in action:
Ducks Typing photo (2)

Charles Duck-ens? Barbara Wing-solver? William Fowl-kner?

I wanted to share this anecdote because I think it’s entertaining and because I’m a mama who likes to brag about our ducklings. But it also serves as a great reminder that EVERYONE is a writer.  Everyone has stories or ideas or something to say.  If you think you’ve run out of stories, just let your fingers peck at the keyboard for awhile.  Surely what comes out won’t be as fowl as what these ducks wrote.


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2 responses to “In the words of Doreen Cronin: “Clickety-Clack-Quack!”

  1. axis

    That is the cutest thing

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