Nous Sommes Forts

There is nothing to say about the tragic attack on Charlie Hebdo that hasn’t already been said by thousands. And thank you, thousands, for saying it.

A children’s writer may be a far cry from a political cartoonist, but I believe in being able to express myself in words just as I believe in political cartoonists expressing themselves in comics, directors and actors in films, musicians in song, and every person in the non-violent ways that they wish to express themselves.

In addition to writing, I’m a teaching artist, and it’s my job to help children believe they have a voice that’s worth sharing.  I hope these kids, whom I keep encouraging to express themselves, can grow up to a world where they can do this without fear.  But even if they don’t, I hope that they will be as strong as the world has been these past days, standing up to violence in support of our fallen artists and defenders of free speech.

Here’s one of the many powerful images that’s been circulating the internet in response to the attack.  Stay strong, and keep speaking, painting, or singing what is true to you.

Charlie Hebdo response


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