PB 14:14 Day 6 – Fraidyzoo


If you’re not already, make sure to blog hop to check out all of the other Picture Books 14:14 reviews!  Today, I’m sharing the book Fraidyzoo, which I have to admit I almost didn’t read just because the title didn’t draw me in, but I’m so glad I did, because the beginning and ending were fantastic.

Title: Fraidyzoo

Author & Illustrator: Thyra Heder

Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2013

When her big sister wakes her up ecstatic to go to the zoo, Little T. asks an unexpected question:

So… What if someone was AFRAID of going to the zoo?

However, Little T. can’t seem to remember why she’s afraid to go to the zoo.  The magic in the middle of the story is less in the story itself than in the illustrations, as the family dresses up in increasingly ornate homemade costumes of zoo animals, trying to jog Little T.’s memory of what it is she’s afraid of.

FraidyZoo 2

When none of their lifelike cardboard, bubble wrap, bed sheet, and duct tape animals scare Little T., she decides she’s ready to brave the zoo.

The the story ends with a fabulous twist.  It is not Little T., but her enthusiastic big sister who runs off screaming from the zoo.  You’ll have to read it yourself to find out what scared her, but I thought it was surprising and hilarious.  And of course, Little T. made her own elaborate homemade costume to help her sister brave up for future zoo visits.



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4 responses to “PB 14:14 Day 6 – Fraidyzoo

  1. Love the creativity of the family response in the illustration you shared – what fun!

  2. I’d never thought of writing a story about a kid afraid to go to the zoo but it’s true. Some children are afraid. And the ending sounds so good. What a turn of events.

  3. Looks so fun! I love the illustrations you shared, as they build anticipation for the MC’s zoo visit. Great example of beginning and ending, with a tease about the ‘fraidy’ thing whatever it is, coming about to be something the big sister freaks at. Gotta find the book now to find out what it is. Thanks for this review Laura.

  4. I also love her creative and supportive family! Like, let’s find out what this is… rather than trying to change Little T or ignore her fear.

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