Wordplay: Not Just Nerdplay

logophile \ˈl-gə-ˌfī(-ə)l, ˈlä-\, noun, a lover of words. (Merriam Webster)

That’s me.  I delight in the geeky rush of puzzling together a witty play on words.  I double over at the hilarity of an unexpected pun.

mistrel cramps

But wordplay is not just clever or funny.  One thing I love about words as an art form is that sometimes as I read or write or think them, they reveal things to me that I didn’t see before.

Yesterday morning, I made a mistake that I could have easily been hung up on for the rest of the day.  Not long after, one of my students asked me the date.  I told him.  Then I smiled.  Then I marched forth.

I’ve also been letting go of some anger I had toward a person that I’m not in touch with anymore.  I didn’t plan on telling them or getting back in touch, but I wanted to forgive them for my own peace of mind.  But then I thought about that word and it became clear that it’s not something meant to be kept to oneself.  It’s literally for giving.

It’s a gift I know I would always love to receive.

When are some times that words have unexpectedly revealed something inspiring to you?



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3 responses to “Wordplay: Not Just Nerdplay

  1. Lovely post. I believe that it’s important to forgive, because it stops the negativity. Someone needs to stop the negative feelings — always follow the higher path. Like your “for giving.”

  2. I have never ever thought about the word that way – thanks for sharing this!

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