Halloweensie Writing Contest

Happy Halloween!  Six years in, and I’ve finally learned about Susanna Leonard Hill‘s fun Halloweensie Writing Contest.  The challenge is to write a 100 word children’s story about Halloween using the words Spider, Ghost, and Moon.

Check out her blog to read all of the great entries… and submit yours!

Here goes…

Halloween in Korea

No zombies, witches, or ghosts prowl the apartment building.  Just one tiger and her dad.

“Trick-or-treat,” says Teagan.  Her dad speaks a slew of Korean.

Jamkkanman,” they answer, then disappear.  They return with ginseng candy, a pear, or stickers for Teagan’s pillowcase.

One ajumma holds a fresh steamed bun in her spidery hand.  Teagan nibbles the warm red bean center.

Teagan knocks on Mr. Moon’s door.  Her dad bows.  When Mr. Moon disappears inside, he returns with a girl.  Teagan smiles and takes off her ears.

Now, two tigers prowl the apartment building on Halloween night.



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18 responses to “Halloweensie Writing Contest

  1. Hello Laura…so lovely to connect with you via Susanna’s awesome Halloweensie contest…I am so so so glad you discovered the contest…and I hope you participate in the other challenges she always sets out for us.

    Your story is GREAT! I really love the diverse flavor…and in addition, you provided a great universal theme…doing things can be more fun when we have a friend. Super character names also!

  2. Laura, I love your story of sharing and friendship. This brings back memories of sharing our Halloween traditions with British school friends many years ago.

  3. Sandy Boffa

    Laura, I love the story! I especially like subtle, unspoken or softly spoken parts. The blending of cultures is lovely.

  4. I loved reading about Hallowe’en in Korea!

  5. Wendy

    I’ bet a lot of kids would be surprised to realize Halloween isn’t celebrated everywhere. My kids had similar experiences living abroad–thanks to the International School for keeping the holiday alive for them!

  6. catmichaelswriter

    Hey, Laura! First, lovely to meet another Tar Heel -:D. You penned a fascinating tale of blended cultures that opened my eyes to New ways. Many thanks!

  7. Great story. Now I want a red bean bun. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

  8. I’m really craving a fresh steamed bun now! Sweet story of sharing, Laura!

  9. Love this blend of cultures, the way you worked in some Korean words and traditional treats, Laura! And how nice that Teagan found a friend – best treat of all! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun with this original story!

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