About Me

This part used to be filled with descriptions of my childhood, my college education, and my jobs.  But then my preschool student summed me up much better.

She’s not just a teacher, she’s also an author.  She teaches us Spanish words, like ‘rojo.’  She is silly.  She says she is other people in the class at lunchtime, but we know she is Miss Laura because she is unique!

-Aquinnah, age 4

I teach with Roots + Wings School of Art and Design and Asheville Writers in the Schools & Community.  Thank you for stopping by my blog!


6 responses to “About Me

  1. WOW!!! Did you not have to have a teaching degree for teaching English in a middle school? Or not really, since it was in Korea? You are a true member of the community. Political Science in action, right?

  2. Megan

    “Oh the places you will go.” Love.

  3. Laura, Thanks for the Leibster awhile back on my blog http://www.writermorphosis.blogspot.com ! Will you be at the SCBWI fall Conference in Charlotte NC in September? I’d love to meet you. – Janelle Bitikofer

  4. Laura, love your story! Your work with kids seems so rewarding.
    Glad you are in the PB 14:14 Challenge.

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