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Mr. Puffball’s Latest Stunt

Mr PuffballIf you haven’t yet, get your paws on this middle grade trilogy by Asheville local (and fabulous person) Constance Lombardo!

A final follow-up to Mr. Puffball: Stunt Cat to the Stars and Mr. Puffball: Stunt Cat Across America, Mr. Puffball hopes to finally break free of the stunt cat life and make it big on the red carpet in the recently released Mr. Puffball: Escape from Castaway Island.  Castaway Island both stands alone as a delightful adventure if you haven’t read the others (although it’ll likely make you want to) and serves as a satisfying wrap to Mr. Puffball’s ongoing escapades.

This time around, Mr. Puffball’s ambitions are aimed at reality T.V., which, along with celebrity cat puns, give the book a current feel and make it relatable to today’s kids.  Pitting the characters against each other in a Survivor-esque scenario creates opportunities for new character dynamics, more hilarious hijinks, and unexpected twists that keep the series feeling fresh.  Plus, there are monkeys!

The cheeky humor in the Mr. Puffball books just tickles me so much, the characters are truly endearing, and the artwork is funky and packed full of jokes and Hollywood references.  And Mr. Puffball: Escape from Castaway Island may just be the best yet.

I recommend this series to anyone… just ask the random kid who rode next to me on a plane to Portland! (It’s not okay to take candy from a stranger, but it’s fine to borrow great books from them, right?)


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