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Petticoats and Cummerbunds

While many picture books take complex ideas and simplify them for kids, this book takes a simple idea and fills it with elaborate detail.  Casually bringing up petticoats and cummerbunds,  it is one of the least condescending picture books I have read.

It also reminds me how lucky I am that I can work in my pajamas! This Perfect Picture Book Friday, I would like to celebrate The Philharmonic Gets Dressed.

Title: The Philharmonic Gets Dressed

Author: Karla Kuskin

Illustrator: Marc Simont

Suitable for Ages: 2 and up

Theme: Getting Dressed

Opening and Synopsis:  “It is almost Friday night.  Outside, the dark is getting darker and the cold is getting colder.  Inside, lights are coming on in houses and apartment buildings.  And here and there, uptown and downtown and across the bridges of the city, one hundred and five people are getting dressed to go to work.”  After elaborate processes of clothing themselves, these hundred and five go to work – to the Philharmonic Hall where their job is to create beautiful music together.

Why I like it: As I mentioned before, this book delights in the rich details of a simple topic.  The author is able to celebrate diversity just by showing how much people can vary in the standard routine of getting dressed, and she reminds us that people who do extraordinary things are still ordinary people who bathe and wear undergarments.  And let’s be honest – who doesn’t enjoy reading about brassieres and long johns?

And tell me these pictures aren’t endearing…

Related Activities: The Philharmonic Gets Dressed fits right in to a clothing unit, or offers a great opportunity to discuss daily routines.

-Clothing Relay: This is one of my favorites. One team member races to put on an item from a pile of clothes, runs back to his or her team, passes it on to the next teammate to wear, and then that person has to put on an additional piece of clothing from the pile.  The last team member will have on as many clothing items as there are teammates.

-Create paper dolls

-Make a schedule of your daily routine

-Write a story of an ordinary day in the life of a famous person

You can find more book recommendations from all kinds of bloggers and readers and add your own at http://susannahill.blogspot.com/.  Thanks, Susanna, for the chance to share one of my favorites!



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