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Mountain of Words Write-a-thon: Just in time for NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo!

Satuday, I’ll be participating in Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community’s second annual “Write-a-thon,” and it’s just what it sounds like.  We’ll be writing for miles.

Metaphorically speaking, that is.  You’re invited to join me in committing to log some serious “butt in chair” time and write as much as you can on November 8.  If you live around Asheville, you can join us for a write-in and celebration at West End Bakery (find out more about the event here), or you can write from the chair, sofa, bed, or porch swing of your choosing.

You can also sponsor me by finding my face here!

We SO appreciate any support you are able to give!

Mountains of Words


Asheville Writers in the School and Community is a non-profit organization that places writers like me in residencies in classrooms and the community to empower people to share their stories and ideas through creative writing.  Last spring, I got to facilitate Family Voices, a family literacy program at Hall Fletcher Elementary School.  I visited third grade classrooms and helped the students write creatively about themselves, their families, and their communities, and then I got to facilitate those families coming together to eat and share stories and create poetry at our bilingual Family Nights.

Here is a line from a collaborative poem that one of the classes wrote:

“A community is being loved, called beautiful, and most of all do not stop dreaming and do not give up.  Keep on hoping.”


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